HOPE FARM (Finca Esperanza)
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Hope Farm - Click to display full pictureThrough Hope Farm, we desire to be responsible stewards of the gifts the Lord has given us. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining farm, which will also subsidize a portion of the operational expenses of the children’s home. We have planted over 7 acres of coffee, which we anticipate will produce a small annual income. As funding permits, the farm will be expanded to include livestock, fruits, vegetables and basic grains.

Hope Farm will also be a great place for our children to learn about farming, which is a huge part of Honduran culture and the primary means by which almost half the population earns a living. Our children will have a unique opportunity to participate in harvesting crops and will learn the values of hard work, serving together, as well as gain hands-on knowledge about plants, animals and caring for the environment.

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