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From the start, it has been our intention for The Hope of Jesus Children’s Home to become an integral part of its wider community. We’d like the Honduran people to share our vision to help vulnerable children and to develop a sense of ownership and investment in the project. In return, we want to support the communities in which we work by providing assistance in various areas.

  • School:  Our future plan is to invest time and resources in support of the El Venado community school. As our children begin attending the school, our involvement there will naturally increase. We’ll begin forming closer relationships with teachers and staff and learn more about their needs. We look forward to working together with our community to make education more accessible and beneficial, not just for the children from The Hope of Jesus Children’s Home, but for all the children of El Venado.

  •  Medical clinic: We’ve been able to provide much-needed medical supplies to our local medical clinic through generous donations from churches, individuals and an organization called MedWish International. We have a wonderful relationship with the nurse who runs the clinic (which services five rural communities) and we look forward to continuing to provide assistance and resources to her and the clinic in the years to come.

  •  Town Support Committee Member: Since May 2009, we have been active members of the El Venado Town Support Committee, which serves to find solutions to community concerns and problems, as well as encouraging volunteerism, organizing community events and hosting fundraisers for community projects. Our participation in the Town Support Committee has been a way of keeping abreast of the problems and dreams of the people of El Venado and offering our assistance when

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